“I think the person I have a crush on I might be talking to right now,”

“Oh Shit. I really do have a crush on you too,”

The air was full of the mouthwatering smell of hot dogs on a grill. My hands were wet and stained from tie-dying. I was having the time of my life. My heart was pounding while I typed. It felt right I suppose at the time. The night went on, and I pulled out my camera. I have a love for taking photos on that day. The lights, the bright in the dark, everything’s pretty. We’re celebrating our life, so it only feels right. The wind picked up.

It’s like the wind knew I was making a mistake. It was telling me to not do what I did. It blew and it blew and it didn’t knock down my thoughts of you until I was too far in. I was too deep. My phone was in my pocket and I was promising to talk to you in the morning. My best friend pulled out a sparkler with green tips on the ends. She lit it as the sun started to set behind the clouds. The skyline was golden, and I have to admit…I kept one photo of it. Just that one before it all went bad.

The photos were beautiful, but then again they always are. Sometimes when I shoot I just go trigger happy with the shutter and I pray for the best. Kind of like button smashing in a video game. Its messy, like me I know. But sometimes when I have time, I take my time. Maybe we were trigger happy? I mean I created a goddamn playlist for you within the next week I’m sure. I can’t check for dates since it’s been deleted.

But as that sparkler was lit, and the wind bellowed across the valley the real omen came. All it took was one spark.

See we ran across the court to the field. It was golden brown with drought ridden grass, and we didn’t even consider anything. I was vain in the moment but who isn’t? The single ember fell and suddenly everything was on fire. The dead grass was burnt to a crisp. We swore profanities and our hearts beat out of our chests. Here I was having just gotten into a relationship when I could be in trouble in mere seconds. My heart was beating already from the idea of falling for a girl, and then now I was anxious over the fire. Fight or flight sparked within me. I automatically fought.We were saved by kind neighbors, drowning the flames in water.

We smothered the fire…maybe I smothered you was what it was.

Maybe omens exist for a reason but thing is we may know something is an omen or a sign but always after the fact. No one sees a terrible thing in the distance. We all have strong gut instincts, I do for sure, and I always follow my gut but what happens when your gut doesn’t give you the warning? What omen is there for you follow? It’s not there, or you’re too blind to follow it. I accidentally lit a field on fire the night I got together with my first ex girlfriend. That doesn’t just happen you know?

We were always burning but the problem about burning love is that it doesn’t last. When you light a match, it burns the entire match. Fire destroys. Our hearts were kindling that love took a hold of, and set ablaze. What’s left is bitter, coarse, and burnt remains of what once was. The screenshots and the texts, the, now blocked, numbers, snapchats, instagrams, and twitters.

Omens are always there if you look hard enough.

drink: Country Peach passion from celestial tea fruit sampler pack


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