The tango with tv

We all escape and we’re all avid consumers, let’s skip the whole introduction where I tell you how much influence TV has had on my life and just why it means so much to me and yada-yada-yada..

Let’s go straight into the tango with TV which is more like a jittery mess you’d find on SNL rather than a sensual romantic twirl on Dancing With The Stars

You get hooked, drawn in and brought into this magical world. No matter the story you’re always supposed to be escaping or have a sense of thrill in enjoying the story. If your TV isn’t making you feel something, it’s time to change the channel my friends. Find something that sets your heart on fire and you sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation for the drama that’s going to hit the fan next week. Start dancing it out, and have some fun.

You dancing yet? good. Now are you seasons in and finding yourself attracted to the show you were going to call your spouse but are now reconsidering your marriage to this tv show because they killed THAT ONE CHARACTER.  Oh yeah, we all are. So what do you do when the the dance becomes a stumble?

Do you walk away? (to go get a snack?)

I think that we all have at one point or another some show that’s very dear to us that does us more dirty than an ex has but we still stay. Part of it is that routine of watching it. The thrill of this story you’re following. You know its turning into a flaming garbage pile but you can’t be satisfied leaving it. You hate the love triangle but you have to know your strong female character made her choice and it was the right one in your mind. I think something that’s very important about all of this is that dissatisfied viewers become informed viewers. What that entails is to not simply say ‘oh I hate this it’s awful’ but rather to say okay this was awful but lets fix it, or that you could have done this instead. We as viewers need to be active in understanding that our logical choices may be exactly why they aren’t being indulged- they’re too obvious and pleasing.

Obviously when a show begins to disappoint their viewers we have to think of and to respect the creative forces behind everything. Fans and their death threats and petitions really don’t do much unless its an issue of racism, homophobia, or an issue of how sexism is handled in the show. So it’s important to say that even if you’re frustrated, angry, and sad- never take it out on the creative team they are trying their best and are generally not trying to piss you off.

That being said there is a way to support a show and not necessarily support the content they’re putting out. Unless it is specifically harmful in the content it’s releasing and then you have to consider the eventual attention it may bring to the issue they have, if it’s being let go or perpetuated by the content and so on. But you can hope and seek to aim for the show to do better. We like to cling onto hope, it gets us through. So yes my favorite show and I are doing the cell block tango but that doesn’t mean I have to cast it aside. I can sit, I can grumble, I can actively analyze, but most of all I can’t loose the hope. I started on this journey and I do want to see it through. If that means I have to suffer through and maybe skip through portions I don’t want to see I will. Because I have hope.

Drink of choice:

Super berries- English Tea Shop



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