I’ve never been quite good with explaining who I am because life is so fluid and changing but I’ll do my best here.

  • I’m an 18 year old college student in Chicago for a TV post production degree and hopefully a minor in live tv broadcasting technical directing- okay that’s a lot of words. Just know that I like tv and I like pressing buttons while recording things. But that’s not my primary focus of this blog. Although I might explain things here or there.
  • I made this blog because with all the hectic things happening in the world around me I want to challenge myself to take an hour a week, maybe more, and just write about it. While enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. I’ll be sure to let you know what i’m drinking with each post.
  • Some other things you might see me posting about, my life in my hometown in California when I go home, my dog or my cat, anything really. My human experience is uniquely my own but that doesn’t stop others from witnessing the same thing from their own point of view.

I’ve loved writing since I was young, and often try to find times to write short fiction stories before I sleep at night. But lately those fiction stories aren’t coming and it’s because my mind is full of so much so come read with me. Grab a cuppa and let’s relax.



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